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Murder on a Horse Trail: The Disappearance of Chandra Levy

Handwritten note re cerebral hemorrhage and cardiac arrest
Guandique trial
Track offenders with GPS recorders!
Murder on a Horse Trail - The Disappearance of Chandra Levy

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From the Latest News Discussion
Guandique -- Charges dropped
Jennifer Kesse, 24, missing from Orlando
Avery's Nephew Dassey FREED 8/12
National Enquirer relationship to case
Teresa Halbach-Oct.31-05 -WI- Update 1/16 Avery
D.Peterson Charged with Plotting to kill Prosecutor-sentence
Blowup of Jennifer Kesse person of interest / suspect
Jennifer Kesse POI photo analysis links
Guandique defense in October to focus on Condit 'rough sex'

From Similar Murder Cases and Disappearances
John Hinkley- update/file
Slenderman Stabbing Case- Will be tried as adults 7/16
O. Pistorius Murders GF 5YRS -Appeal Upgraded..wrists cut.
Pfc.Kelli Bordeaux-Missing 4/14/12-Arrest Made-Murdered
Manson Member Not to be Released- Leslie Van Houten
Alexis Patterson-Missing Child- Update A TIP 7/8/16- Fails
Casey Anthony Updates and News

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Developing Double Deck Pinochle
rdwrites RDWGET iSeries Scripted Web Retrieval
rdwrites HELLOPARMS CGIDEV2 parm info demo

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